''Holcerija'' Kope
  • An unforgettable joyful show in which participants get to know and participate in old forestry tasks with old tools, and the action is connected by a humorist and a real Pohorje holcer. It runs from May to late October by pre-order. The show takes place in Kope at an altitude of 1400m so there is no heat in the summer too. There is also a covered terrace for 200 people.

  • ''HOLCERIJA'' program:

  • - display and test old forestry tasks - tour of the exhibition on Pohorje - competition for the best cholers - sawing with an American saw - nailing - stacking the balls - roller skating - surface crashing - Cholera: Pohorje pot - the arrival of the Pohorje return The hangout lasts a good 2 hours. On weekends, the 4 Pungart chairlift drives to the energy points on the large Kopa, and back on foot past the Rooster Lake. There is also a football field, beach volleyball court, children's playground, disc golf course, regular and e-bike rental. 

  • PRICES: Holcerija with Pohorje pot - spoon dish (3 types of meat, 2 types of mushrooms, stew…): 11.90 € 

  • Holcerija with lunch (2 types of soup, 2 types of meat, 2 side dishes, salad, dessert): 16,90 € 

  • Open-air barbecue Holcerija (čevapčiči, drumstick - different types of meat… baked potatoes, buns, side dishes…): 19,90 €

  • Holcerija received the SILVER RECOGNITION of the Chamber of Commerce for Innovation in 2017. 


  • Come and see them live, you won't regret it!

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Price: 11,90 €


By preorder.


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Poudarjena vsebina 1 Vsebina 2 Vsebina 3
Poudarjena vsebina 1 Vsebina 2 Vsebina 3


11,90 €

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