Klančnik Farm


With the right tourist train, they will take you on a short excursion. While enjoying the ride, you will be able to observe the grazing of damask and mouflon, and you will see a rich collection at the hunting lodge. You will refresh yourself with a drink and chat with an experienced hunter who will tell you quite a few of his hunting opportunities. With a little luck, you will also be greeted by a young Kosuta who likes to visit the youngest ones in particular. By train, then you willslowly head back to try our local specialties.


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Price: 7,00 €


  • reception of guests in the yard
  • Presentation of a farm in a 160-year-old Welsh basement
  • tasting salami with venison, homemade bread, homemade yogurt and homemade cider (must)
  • possible visit to the memorial room of the Klančnik farm
  • room hunting history on the Klančnik farm
  • possibility to join a tourist train through a farm of farmed game to a biological classroom where you can get acquainted with the diversity of animal species in Slovenia (over 100 different species of animals fed)
  • presentation of the hunt
  • the possibility of buying dried meat products
  • Also in offer a cold snack: a slice of dried meat from the Klančnik farm and a roasted suckling-cold with side dishes.
  • Drink
  • Non-alcoholic beverage
  • juice
  • cold water
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • homemade cider (must)
  • They offer exclusively beverages and food grown on the Klančnik farm, as they are the first farm in Slovenia to receive the SQ certificate - Slovenian Quality in 2015 - for a comprehensive tourist offer and home-processed food.
  • Price for tasting delicacies and tourist train ride:
  • for adults € 7 / person and groups larger than 20 guests
  • children 5 € (elementary and high school students)
  • kindergarten visit - children with educators 4,80 € / child, attendants free of charge
  • kindergarten visit + parents - adult 6 € / person, child 4 € / person, escorts for free
  • individual guests (groups up to 20 persons) € 8.50 / adults and € 5.50 / children

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7,00 €

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