General Data Protection Regulation


By filling the form below, by passing other required personal or any other data, I do hereby declare:

-that I agree and authorize the company NARDA - Kareta Turizem d.o.o, Prezihova ulica 24, 2390 Ravne na Koroskem (manager) to collect, manage, transmit, use, process and store my personal and other data that I have filled into this form for communication purposes, whereby NARDA - Kareta Turizem d.o.o can use various communication channels (e.g. telephone, regular mail, e-mail) for the purposes indicated below (please indicate accordingly): subscribe to e-news, whereby I agree to receive: e-news of the current trip/journey, news and benefits to my e-mail account (if you have provided it);

-that I agree to join the KARETA CLUB and further creating a user profile on the website, where I am to benefit from special membership discounts from NARDA - Kareta Turizem d.o.o. and occasionally receive offers tailed for me. Membership into KARETA CLUB does not oblige me to make any reservations - the club will be active in year 2019. Membership is valid for five (5) years and I can call it off at any time or renew my membership.


that I am aware of and agree to the processing of my personal data by NARDA - Kareta Turizem d.o.o. exclusively for the abovementioned purposes in its personal data base, in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act, GENERAL REGULATION of DATA PROTECTION, dated on 27 April 2016 and given consent;

- that I am aware of the fact that I give you my personal data voluntarily and without consequences, if I turn this agreement down. I am aware of my rights to ask from the manager or another competent person who is processing my personal data (in writing or verbally for the record) to provide  me access to the catalog of the Personal Data Collection (the Right to Access Professional Interpretations); to confirm whether data related to me are processed or not; to give me access to personal data contained in the Personal Data Collection and to ensure that I can rewrite or copy them; to provide me with a copy of the personal data contained in the Personal Data Collection; to provide me with a list of users to whom personal data have been transmitted, indicating when, on what basis and for what purpose; to give me information about the resources on which the records are based, and the method of processing; to give me information about the purpose of the processing and the type of personal data being processed and any necessary explanations in this regard, and to explain to me the technical or logical technical decision-making procedures if it carries out automated decision-making processing of my personal data;


- I am aware of my right to request from the personal data manager in writing or verbally (the right to request a correction) to complete, correct, block or delete my personal data which I prove to be incomplete, inaccurate, or that they have been collected or processed in contravention to the law, and to notify all users of my personal data and the contractual processors to whom they have transmitted these information, before they were completed, corrected, blocked or deleted.


- that I am aware of the general terms and conditions and the privacy policy of the company (including the instruction on my rights), which is: this kind of collected personal data can only be transmitted to those other users authorized by law, and all others only on the basis of my own expressed written consent. I am aware of the Right to be forgotten and the right to erasure - if I no longer want my personal data to be processed and provided there are no legitimate reasons for their further retention, I can request that my data be deleted; with the Right to restriction of processing; with the right to know how long personal data is stored; with the right to appeal - filing a complaint; with the right to transfer personal data. I am aware of the retention of my personal data and that, whenever I send out partial or complete e-mails and / or topical issues, I can unsubscribe. By signing up, I confirm that the data I provided is accurate and true and so valid until my written cancellation or resignation or until my new written request to change contact details. In this regard, I take full responsibility.

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