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These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract concluded by NARDA - Kareta Turizem d.o.o. (hereinafter KARETA Travel Agency) and a traveller applying for a specific tour package / holiday / trip. The general conditions apply only to tour packages arranged by KARETA Travel Agency, unless explicitly stated that they also apply to the sale of tour packages of other tour operaters. If a program/ trip / package specifies otherwise in relation to any point of these general terms, the provision shall apply to an indication in the program. In the case of telephone sales or sales via the internet, it is considered that the traveller has accepted the conditions of these general terms when he ordered a tour package by telephone or via the internet. The general terms are an integral part of all programs / packages / trips and are available at all retail points. The general terms and conditions are to be seen the on the website www.kareta.si.


Completed groups (on request) are subject to the same general terms and conditions. At the same time, the agreement form is filled in to make the reservation booked. The agreement form once again lists the abridged general terms and conditions applicable to the groups and a summary of the payment terms.


Bookings are accepted at Prezihova ulica 24, Ravne na Koroskem city, where the head office is located. Upon registration, the KARETA Travel Agency (tour operator) and the traveller sign the registration document (agreement form, offer), valid as a travel document. If the booking is done by a legal person/entity, this registration document can also be the purchase order, fax or e-mail, confirmed by the KARETA Travel Agency. Until a prepayment or first installment is done, the reservation is not confirmed. When booking a tour program / a trip, the traveller is obliged to provide all the information needed and submit the documents required by the tour program and pay the registration fee and the prepayment for the booking. In accordance with the price list published in a visible place at Kareta's office, the client is being charged with standard reservation costs and costs for arranging an offer in the amount of EUR 15.00 per voucher. The registration fee is not charged for the day trips.

Additional costs of EUR 10.00 per person will be charged for tour programs prepared on request (groups of more than 10 people are excluded from this charge).

Tour program can also be booked by post, via the Internet or by telephone. If a traveller registeres via phone or the Internet, the contract is concluded by forwarding a credit card number or in the case of agreement payment concluded via bank (upon payment order, personal deposit, payment via Internet...). If KARETA Travel Agency organizes trips specifically for a particular group, the booking is confirmed by the traveller - group when the responsible person of the group signs the registration form for the groups.

At the time of registration, the traveller shall enclose all information, documents required by the program and pay the prepayment in the amount of 30% of the total package / trip / tour program. The traveller can be granted an option-offer, based on the time of departure and the number of reservations from one to seven days. If the prepayment or the first installment is not concluded after this deadline, it is considered that the traveller has terminated the journey. The register deadline is considered until places are available, unless otherwise indicated in the program. It is recommended to register as soon as possible.


Prices are in EUR and were calculated on 1.1.2018. When traveling to the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, to all of America and Africa, prices are linked partly to the Euro exchange rate and partly to the currency rate used to calculate our services (English pound, Australian dollar, US dollar, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen ...). In case of any change between currencies exchange rate, the calculation of the program in Euros can also be changed. In accordance with the law, KARETA Tourist Agency has the right to increase the price if, after the conclusion of the contract, there were changes in the exchange rate of the currency or changes in the prices of the carriers, that affect the price of the tour program / package. If the increase or decrease in price exceeds 10% of the price of the tour program / package, the traveller has the right to terminate the contract and is entitled to a refund. The increase of the price will be notified to the traveller in writing. The price of the tour program / package may be increased no later than 20 days before the start of the tour package / program. The KARETA Travel Agency may specify in the program that the traveller pays the services on spot. In this case, KARETA Travel Agency does not act as an tour operator but rather as an informer. In this case, the traveller files all the complaints on spot.

Special services are those services, which are not, as a rule, included in the price of a tour package (single room, special meals, optional extra trips, etc.) or there exist additional costs (visas, airport charges, etc.), except otherwise specified in the program.


The day of payment is considered, when the KARETA Tour Agency receives the money on its account.

The traveller can choose from below following payment methods:

1. 100% payment upon registration.

2. 30% upon registration or at the latest within 7 days after the purchase offer, and the remaining 70% at the latest 3 days before departure or as stated in the program.

3. Payment by installments (by standing order or otherwise agreed). In the case of installment payments, a contract must be signed upon registration. The first part of the amount or 30% of the price of the tour package must be paid upon registration and the rest on regular monthly basis but until departure.

If the remaining part of the price of the package is not paid by the traveller within deadline, it is considered, that the traveller has canceled (resigned from) the program. In this case the general terms of the cancellation of the tour package are to be considered.

The traveller can pay in cash or he can choose among other methods of payment. In accordance with the Standard Terms and Conditions for Financial Institutions, in the case of cash or non-cash payment (bank and credit cards), in the case of the tour package or other Tourist Agency service, in case of a refund, no cash can be paid back to the traveller in any case, and the traveller may request a credit, which the agency carries out via bank to the travellers account, if eligible.


In individual cases, determined by the individual program of the tour program / package, it can be defined, that minors up to the age defined by the same program, accompanied by two adults, have discounts on individual services from the package within the whole tour program or the whole tour package. The conditions and the amount of each discount are determined in each individual program of the tour package. If there are no special discounts for young people traveling with adults written in the individual program, this means that this tour package does not provide such special discounts. Every child, no matter the age and amount of any discounts, is to be indicated on the travel document and is to have valid documents required for entry into the foreign country to which he is traveling. In case the child is not listed on a travel document or voucher for a particular tour package, this child is not entitled to travel under this tour program.


Travellers are insured during the journey. Insurance in case of an accident is already included in the travel price. However, since this insurance is very narrow one, it is recommended that: additional Health insurance with assistance abroad, European tourist insurance as an integrated package or separate Insurance of cancellation and / or Insurance, Travel insurance shall be concluded. Travellers will be acquainted with different types of insurance upon registration. In all cases, Kareta Tour Agency is only an intermediary who sells the insurance policies of other providers with whom Kareta has concluded a mediation contract.


KARETA Travel Agency offers high quality buses, unless otherwise agreed with the travellers. In special cases when travellers come from various places out of the planned route it can be agreed to collect them where they wish to against the corresponding additional payment for transport. KARETA Travel Agency is not responsible for the punctuality of land, sea and air transport services when carried out by the public transport, on scheduled and non-scheduled flights.

The liability of the carriers is duly specified in the contract between the traveller and the carrier, which comes into force with the use of the transport. The responsibility of the KARETA Travel Agency is limited only to the non-realisation of a specific part of the program that represents the appropriate material costs. KARETA Travel Agency is not responsible for any non-material damage arising from delays, cancellations or changes of the transport.


If the traveller terminates the travel in writing or verbally, the KARETA Travel Agency has the right to withhold part of the payment due to the costs associated with such cancellation. Depending on the time of cancellation, KARETA Travel Agency has the right to keep (around Slovenia and Europe):

- up to 30 days before the departure administrative costs (min. 15 EUR)
- 29–22 days before the departure 20 % of the travel price
- 21–15 days before departure 30 % of the travel price
- 14–8 days before departure 50 % of the travel price
- 7–1 days before departure 80 % of the travel price
- on the day of the departure or after departure 100 % of the travel price.


For intercontinental trips (all trips outside Europe), stricter conditions apply in case of travellers cancellation:

-up to 45 days before departure administrative costs (min. 15 EUR)
- 44–30 days before departure 15 % of the travel package price
- 29–22 days before departure 25 % of the travel package price
- 21–15 days before departure 45 % of the travel package price
- 14–8 days before departure 70 % of the travel package price
- 7–1 days before departure 90 % of the travel package price
- on the day of the departure or after the departure 100 % of the travel package price.


To change a reservation up to 30 days (Europe) or up to 45 days (world) before departure you will be charged 10,00 EUR / per person. If the conditions for reimbursement in the program are otherwise determined, the terms and conditions of the program are to be considered. If a traveller (on his own request), resigns from a program during one, he is not entitled to reimbursement when returning from the trip / program.


If the traveller changes his program or does not proceed the journey according to the program, which is an integral part of the contract concluded with the KARETA Travel Agency, it is considered that he has terminated/resign from the contract during the journey / trip. In this case, the traveller is responsible for the costs and damages caused thereby.

In case of a change of program at travellers own wish or for reasons of a higher force, without there being reasons for this by the Tourist Agency KARETA due to incorrect service, the traveller has no right to demand any compensation or price reduction.

If the traveller has paid the cancellation cover costs, there are the terms and conditions which apply to this.


Each traveller can be insured in case of a cancellation of a tour package / program or airline ticket if:

-       accident, death or unexpected worsening of health status of the insured person,

-       the death of the insured's relatives, which prevents the insured from traveling,

-       accident or unexpected worsening in the health condition of the insured close relatives, which makes it impossible for the insurance policy holder to travel, due to necessary care or hospitalization,

-       official calls,

-       natur catastrophies.

In these cases, the insurance company covers the costs of cancellation of travel / trip/ package to family members listed in the same policy.

The insurance company shall also bear the cost of canceling the trip to the policy holder if all travellers in the same insurance policy have been unable to attend the trip for the above written reasons.
The amount of the cancellation cover is 5% of the value of the entire tour package organized by the Tourist Agency KARETA and 7% of the value of the whole tour package organized by other tour operators or air tickets.

Regardless of cancellation cover paid by the traveller, the KARETA Travel Agency has the right to withhold the administrative costs in case of a traveller's cancellation of travel amounting to EUR 15 per package / customer referral / voucher.

Insurance cancellation of the program / package is to be made at the conclusion of the travel contract. If the traveller does not terminate the travel in writing and with appropriate proof within 24 hours before the day determined as the beginning of the trip, he does not have the right to claim refund on the basis of the paid cancellation cover costs. It is considered that the traveller did not start the journey or that he has resigned from the contract, when the carrier does not accept the traveller (aviation, shipping, bus and similar) for any reason which may be of a safety or regulatory nature, regardless of, whether this happened during the trip or at the beginning of the trip. In such case, the traveller is obliged for all the damage caused and can not claim any refunds on the basis of the paid cancellation cover insurance.

When the reason for the cancellation of a trip is the worsening of the health condition of the traveller or his / her family (a family relationship must be apparent from the relevant document) which makes the traveller unable to travel, a relevant document is to be submitted.

When a traveller fails to travel or withdraws from the contract due to documented higher force, which he could not foresee or avoid in the time before the signing of the travel contract and has relevant valid official documents, but did not pay for cancellation cover insurance, KARETA Travel Agency has the right to claim back all already occurred costs, as well as all those costs that appear due to cancellation of the program. The difference in the amount is returned to the traveller.



The KARETA Tourist Agency reserves the right to cancel the trip on the basis of the valid legal regulations at the latest 7 days before departure, if the required number of travellers is not registered. Unless otherwise stated in the program, the minimum number of travellers for all journeys is 30. For a smaller number of participants, the realization is only possible at an additional charge or, at a price that is already mentioned for a small number.

Similarly, KARETA Travel Agency reserves the right to completely or partially withdraw from the contract without having to return the compensation back to the traveller, prior to the completion of the contract, or during that time, if there are exceptional circumstances that could not be expected or avoided or deterred, but for the KARETA Travel Agency these circumstances are a good reason not to enter into cooperation with the traveller.

KARETA Travel Agency reserves the right to change the date, time and place of departure for the trip, if the flight schedule or ferry / boat schedule changes, or due to unforeseen higher force. The direction of travel may also change if the essential travel conditions change (changed timetable, natural disasters, an unreliable situation in a certain area, etc.) that can not be affected by the KARETA Travel Agency without special compensation / refund. In these cases, the KARETA Travel Agency will act with the applicable regulations in International Traveller Traffic.

KARETA Travel Agency may terminate the contract or withdraw from the contract and claim compensation from the traveller who is directly violating the provisions of the contract concluded with the KARETA Travel Agency, especially if proved that the traveller has deliberately reported incorrect information about the number of travellers or their age or there were changes during the trip, and the traveller did not inform the Tourist Agency KARETA about this.

When the trip is cancelled by Kareta Travel Agency, the traveller has the right to the entire refund of the paid price of the package. In case of cancellation of travel, the traveller is not entitled to refund of visa costs, vaccination costs, required to enter the country to which he is traveling. Any subsequent changes to the program, KARETA Travel Agency will immediately notify the traveller.

KARETA Travel Agency is not responsible for delays of buses, aircrafts, ships or trains, as well as for changes of the program, that would result from such delays.
In case of situation when it is not possible for the KARETA Travel Agency to accommodate travellers in the booked facility, the KARETA Travel Agency may place travellers in the same location in another accomodation of the same or higher category.

The tour operator has the right to change the program due to extraordinary circumstances that can not be predicted, avoided, or otherwise prevented. An airline reserves the right to change the timetable, even shortly before departure, but the traveller must nevertheless be informed at the right time. Departure may also be in the afternoon or late evening and return in the morning. In any case, the day of departure and the day of return are counted as the days of the trip. Hotelier is not entitled to serve dinner on arrival in the late evening hours. The services reserved by the traveller are valid only during the stay at the place of destination and its accomodation. When a traveller leaves home in the morning, he is not entitled to a refund for breakfast, lunch or dinner, despite of paid half-board, full board or all inclusive. According to International Customs, a meal on the airplane can be considered as part of the booked offer.



When travelling around Europe travellers are given the seat by the KARETA Travel Agency according to the reservation accepted (paid reservation is 30% of the price of the package or the first installment; taking into consideration the payment conditions). KARETA Travel Agency reserves the final right to place the travellers on the bus according to changes in reservations and according to the available seat schedule on the bus. On flights and all intercontinental trips, is the seat position determined only in cases where this is possible and reasonable in relation to the size of the group and the way of travel.


Guided tours are conducted by experienced guides.

This field is of major significance to KARETA Travel Agency to the fact that, the success of the journeys depends heavily on quality tour guidance.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, KARETA Travel Agency reserves the right to change the guide. KARETA Travel Agency guarantees also for the quality of the new guide.


The traveller is obliged to claim solution for service on the spot and inform the guide or representative of the Tourist Agency KARETA in other appropriate form in writing. (if there is no guide or representative of the KARETA Travel Agency on the spot, the traveller is obliged to inform the branch office at Ravne na Koroskem about the errors on this phone number 00386 82 058 944). If the deficiencies have not been remedied on the spot, the traveller may submit a complaint within two months after the end of the journey or vacation, otherwise the complaint is not taken into consideration. The complaint will not be considered as right if the traveller does not indicate the address of the accomodation in which he / she lived (hotel, apartment, bungalow, private room), hotel name or room number, apartment number or bungalow.

In case, the complaint could be solved on the spot (for example, the lack of cleanliness of the room, equipment, the position of the room, etc.) and the traveller did not complain for the error on the spot and did not inform the guide or Tourist agency KARETA, it is considered that, the traveller agreed with the services and thus lost the right to submit subsequent claims with a request to reduce the price of the service or refund. The traveller is obliged to cooperate with a representative or, in order to remedy the circumstances, or with service providers. If the traveller does not accept the offered solution for the complaint that corresponds to the paid services under the program, KARETA Tourist Agency will not take into account the subsequent complaint.

The traveller can submit the complaint in writing within the prescribed time limit. The traveller should send a written complaint to the following address: NARDA - Kareta Turizem d.o.o., Prezihova ulica 24, 2390 Ravne na Koroskem, Slovenia. Without written complaint KARETA Travel Agency does not deal with requests for price reductions, damages and other claims.

The complaint must be signed and can be submited by each traveller on his own behalf or authorized by a third party in writing. The authorization must be attached to the complaint.
The complaint is to be substantiated. Therefore, the traveller should attach appropriate evidence and / or an appropriate certificate of the hotelier, carrier or other relevant persons on the actual situation on the basis of which the traveller exercises his claim.

The amount of the complaint is in any case limited by the amount of the paid deposit. If, according to the KARETA Travel Agency, there was no program or certain services, the traveller has the right to file a claim in the amount of the real value of the non-executed services. This provision does not apply if KARETA Travel Agency has the right to cancel the package or change the program, in accordance with the provisions of these general terms and conditions.


KARETA Travel Agency is not responsible for stealing your luggage and other valuables while traveling. KARETA Travel Agency can only be an agent between a traveller and a carrier / hotel or police, but without all material obligations. In the case of air services, the traveller has the right to free transport of up to 20 kg of luggage on scheduled flights, while for charter flights up to 15 kg of luggage (for each destination, these restrictions may be different depending on the conditions of airlines and circumstances). For each next kg, the difference must be added. The air carrier is responsible for luggage in air traffic.


Air transport is entirely within the competence of the individual carrier, therefore, for certain changes that may arise sometimes as a result of this, KARETA Travel Agency can not assume responsibility. Especially for charter flights, it may happen that the scheduled flight time changes just before departure. The travel agency is not responsible for any changes to the flight. Travellers must request any compensation under this title directly from the carrier.


A traveller applying for a foreign trip must have a valid passport or other suitable relevant document, when entering a country. If by chance in some specific countries, condition for entry into the country is specified with a fixed period of validity of the travel document before expiry on the day of entry, the traveller is obliged to take care of these provisions by himself, as the KARETA Travel Agency is not responsible for any inconvenience or forcible travel cancellation from this address.

The traveller is obliged to travel by the deadline set in the program, obtain visas for the countries to which he is traveling, and to carry out vaccinations required for those countries. If the traveller does not fulfill these obligations, the KARETA Travel Agency will act according to the provisions relating to the traveller's cancellation of the trip. If the KARETA Travel Agency files an application to obtain visa it does not guaratee that, the visa will be obtained. Obtaining visa with help from Kareta Travel Agency is not included in the travel package / program price, but is rather paid separately. Visa costs are not returned to the traveller. When entering the country is declined, all costs go to the traveller himself. A travel visa is to be organised by the traveller himself when the travel agency KARETA does not get the necessary documents for arranging the visa within the time limit specified in the program or purchase offer.

Due to the requirements in the International Traveller Transport (air, sea, bus), the traveller is obliged to provide all necessary information on all participants in the trip or holiday when applying. The data must fully match the information in official documents that the participants in the trip are obliged to carry with them, in accordance with the regulations on the crossing of the state border, and relevant foreign legislative acts. When incorrect data causes a delay, additional costs or a break of the trip, there is only the traveller who is responsible for all costs incurred to the participants.


The traveller is obligated to respect all customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Slovenia, as well as all other countries, in which and through which he travels. If the traveller could not continue due to non-observance of the rules, he will bear all the consequences and costs incurred in connection with this, the Tourist Agency KARETA and others.


If certain vaccinations are required, each traveller is to provide an international certificate itself - a yellow card in which the vaccinations are entered. KARETA Travel Agency is not responsible for any complications or traveller's interruption of travel, the traveller's failure to comply with the health regulations of the country he is entering, or the program to which he applied, as well as for the costs associated with it.


TA Kareta protects all acquired traveller data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. By signing a contract, the traveller agrees to the use of this information in order to fulfill contrac obligations and rights, as well as for the purposes of direct marketing, market research, segmentation of customers, statistical processing and information about the purchase offer of TA Kareta and its business partners. If the traveller does not wish to do so, he can declare this on filling in the agreement form.

These general terms and conditions apply from 1.1.2018 onwards.

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