Experts in the Carinthian region

Welcome in Carinthia!

We are an incoming travel agency for Carinthia, which is located in northern Slovenia. A little above a thousand square kilometres and some more than 74 000 inhabitants put this region amongst the smallest in Slovenia. It comprises three valleys - the Mežiška dolina, the Dravska dolina and the Mislinjska dolina valleys, and three mountain ranges – the Pohorje, the Karavanke and the Savinjske Alpe.

Besides being the smallest, the Carinthia region is known for being one of the oldest industrial regions. The beginnings of mining allegedly go back to the Roman era and by time ironworks and wood industry started developing. Today we are trying to present the work of our ancestors (miners, crofters, charcoal-burners, rafts men, carpenters and blacksmith) with museums and activities to keep an important part of our heritage.

The greatness of Carinthia is also shown with nature's treasures. Here you can enjoy in the woods with many nets of mountain roads, offering a wide choice of discovering strolls to the peaks of Peca, Raduha and in the wide vastness of Uršlja gora, Olševa, the Smrekovec, the west Pohorje and the Kozjak range. You will find the stops in these routes equally beautiful and exciting as the natives, the proud heirs of “the self-sown”, welcome you with their rough, but kind-hearted hospitality.

The charm of Koroška (Carinthia) is therefore held not by the glorious monuments but the small treasures, moulded in nature or by man, or by them both. There are many treasures scattered over the hidden nooks just waiting to be found. Koroška, in words of its regular explorers and adrenalin-enjoyers, is “an originality of small treasures and nooks in wilderness in the middle of industrial world – as if it were at the end of the world when it actually is at the cross-road of Europe”.

You are invited to find out more about this original and colourful world!

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