Tripping Carinthia

This is your week long intinerary for Carinthia.

Kareta Turizem offers you exciting day trips across Carinthia (Slovenia & Austria)!

By bus we pick you up in Prevalje, Slovenj Gradec, Dravograd and Radlje, we even come to Črna na Koroškem!

Just call us and we'll make an agreement.

Each excursion is set on a particular day of the week; you just hop on the bus in the morning and start to enjoy beautiful Carinthia!

Monday: Wild mountain - downhill with a bicycle

Bicycle ride down the slope of Peca, full of adrenaline, awaits. This is a mountain bike downhill ride down the longest European flow-country trail. You will overcome 1000 meters in altitude – ascent by cable car, descent by bike. An adventure that will make you say: “I WANT MORE!”. There is nothing better after adrenalin ride than a well-deserved lunch in one of selected ski huts on mountain. Transportation (including bicycles) is organized in both directions. Sportswear and bike helmet are mandatory. It is also possbile to rent a bike or professional Mountain Bike Instructor. 

Tuesday: Time travel - Carinthian countryside

Travel back in time in Carinthian countryside! Visit the smithy where you will see a well-preserved old forge. For a lasting memory you will be able to make your own little wood pad with your initials. After we will visit the farm, one of the few in Carinthia that still functions like in the old days. Aunt Lena will welcome you and then take you on a tour around the estate. You will see a wide variety of farm animals and learn many interesting things. At the end you will taste some homemade delicacies and sweets and will also have the option to purchase their products. Organised transport in both directions.


Wednesday: Carinthian „sea“

Are you in for a real holiday at the seaside? Join us and spend a relaxing day at Lake Klopein. A day at the lake will begin with a buffet breakfast, followed by spending your free time on the hotel beach, swimming and other relaxing activities. To really enjoy the day completely, you will be served a snack and soft drink through the day. Organized transport will take you back - well rested and a little more tanned. Beach wear recommended.

Thursday: Tunnelling - through the tunnel by bike

This underground adventure is perfect for cycling enthusiasts. Cycling through the abandoned mine tunnels on mostly flat terrain with a guide who will tell you many interesting stories on your way. Possibility of bike rental (surcharge).

Age limit is 10 years. The constant temperature in the mine is 10°C. We recommend appropriate footwear and clothing. Organised transport in both directions. 

Friday: Underground kayaking

An unforgettable adventure in the underworld of Peca. You will enter the mine by mine train and will be taken to the starting point for kayaking. There you will be equipped with suitable protective clothing and get ready to work the oars and kayak the calm surface of the crystal clear underground water.

The group may consist of max. 8 people. Age limit is 10 years. The constant temperature in the mine is 10°C. We recommend appropriate footwear and clothing. Organised transport in both directions.

Saturday: Experience the ‘fun flos’

Transport to the rafters harbour where the fun begins. We will go on ‘rajza’ (trip) with the rafters and take a ride with ‘flos’ (raft) on the Drava River, enlivened with fun animation. They will serve you with delicious rafter’s lunch (goulash, polenta,  cracklings and bread). To add the final touch you will also see the rafter’s christening. We guarantee a unique experience with plenty of laughter and joy. Organised transport in both directions. 

Sunday: Climbing adventure

Climbing for the whole family at Lavanttal climbing wall in Austria. Complete adventure will be guaranteed by experienced climbing instructors. They will give you basics of climbing and prepare you for a real adventure in climbing wall. Rentals with appropriate climbing and safety equipment will bo provided. Together with an instructor you will select an appropriate way in wall and start to climb it. Fun for the whole family is guaranteed but be aware: this might be your new family hobby! After three hours of climbing there will be time for lunch and some free time in the green nature oasis.

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