The geology in Geopark Karavanke

The Geopark, with its several millions years of history, has many interesting stories to tell. Through education, promotion and awareness-raising we would like to show that the geological structure and processes are the basis of our life. The important geological heritage can be destroyed by thoughtless actions, thereby causing irreparable harm to both nature and ourselves. However, with thoughtful visits and observation we can enjoy the nature and “geology” and learn a lot about ourselves and processes that have shaped – and are still shaping – the today’s territory of Geopark.


Arrival and accommodation in the chosen hotel. Free time. Dinner.


Breakfast. Driving to Geopark’s Info center in Eisenkappel, where you will be able to hear an elaborate presentation on Geopark. The presentation will predominantly focus on Alpine orogenic process and on the history and orogenic process of the Karavanke. At noon you will have a snack in winery Florian to let the impressions sink in. In the afternoon you will turn theory into practice. With the professional guidance you will get a chance to consolidate the freshly gained knowledge during the conducted hike on a geological path Eisenkappel. On a way you will inspect sections of different layers of rock and climb to the sightseeing point, which reveals a sight on Periadriatic lineament (a boundary between the Eurasian and Adriatic lithospheric plate). Return to the hotel. Dinner.


After an invigorating breakfast a new and exciting geological day will start. In Mežica you will visit Infocenter of Geopark Mežica and Dinopark Mežica. You will hear a lot of details about Karavanks’ mineralogy and about the history of mining industry, which used to be home in Mežica. After that you can decide for a lunch in a restaurant. In the afternoon Africa will meet Europe. At the Info point Topla you will get some more information about the Periadriatic lineament. Return to the hotel. Dinner.


Breakfast. After breakfast you will head for the foot of the mountain Peca in Feistritz bei Bleiburg, to the Info point Hydroelectric power plant Feistritz, where some interesting and educational water adventure points will await you. In the end you will drive with a gondola to the mountain Peca, where you will have lunch at 1700 meters of altitude. This most interesting journey will end with a 2,5 hours conducted hike over the former sea bottom on a mountain with one of the most beautiful views in Geopark. The gondola will then return you to the valley, where the bus will await you and take you to the hotel. Dinner.


Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. Return home.

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Price includes:

The offer Includes:

  • 4 nights stay, half board in the chosen 3* hotel
  • Entrance fee and presentation in Geopark’s Info center Eisenkappel
  • Snack (cold cuts) in winery
  • 3 hours conducted hike over the geological path Eisenkappel
  • Sightseeing and entrance fee for Infocenter of Geopark Mežica and Dinopark Mežica
  • Sightseeing and entrance fee for Info point Topla
  • Sightseeing and entrance fee for Info point Hydroelectric power plant Feistritz
  • Return ticket for gondola ride to the mountain Peca
  • 2 hours conducted hike on the mountain Peca.

Optional extras:

Surcharge for single-bedroom

Free seat: if 20 people pay, you receive one free seat.


Additional payment for lunch in Slovenia (optional)

Additional payment for a translator.




- for geology lovers

- learn about mineralogy

- meet the mining industry in Slovenia



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