Photo-safari in Fairytale Land

Welcome to Slovenia!

The transfer brings you to Solčava where we begin our walking tour. Here we meet up with the photographer who will show us the best photo stops along the way and also show us some tricks and tips on how to make better photos.

We drive a little further into the world of the dragon Litver, and here we enter his alleged cave. Here, something over a thousand years ago the Litver dragon lived and with its mighty tail broke through the barrier, draining the lake above, and devastating the valley with a powerful flood. The flood also carried with it a crib – and at the location where the raging waters spewed out the crib, the locals would find the still-living baby, in turn erecting the Solčava village church dedicated to St. Mary of the Snows.

This is the story of the creation of Matkov kot valley. What is the »real« scientific explanation for the creation of the valley and the Lamotje cave, you will learn from our guide when you dare visit the cave. Because you don't know, the offspring of the dragon still might be lurking in the shadows.

The driver takes us to a higher point, over a thousand meters above sea level. We can't do anything but say wow! To the magnificent mountains all around us and the Logar valley underneath us. This is the scenic road of the Solčava valley, here we are surrounded by natural beauty and idyllic-looking homesteads. This is a land of fairytales and the romantic shepherd life. And here you will find an abundance of photo motives with which our photographer will help you.

We start our walking tour by the Žibovt homestead, where we first eat a light brunch.  The homemade cuisine is based particularly on seasonal ingredients found in the garden, the meadows, and forests while simultaneously respecting tradition.

Again full of energy we walk on along the green fields full of mountain flowers and in the shade of the pine trees. We soak in the sun and beautiful views of the mountains.

We make photo stops along the way and our photographer advises you on how to make the best shot. It doesn't take long and we come to the Klemenšek farm.

The Klemenšek farmstead is known for the exquisite vistas of the valley and surrounding mountain tops, while also noteworthy is the actual farm. Namely, it is one of the most frequently photographed farms in Slovenia, and often occupies the covers of domestic as well as foreign tourist brochures. What makes it so special is the roofing, composed entirely of larch shingles.

We then make a detour to the mineral water spring at the foot of Mt. Olševa is considered an extraordinary natural attraction in the Solčava region, and has also been declared a natural landmark. Some believe that it provides eternal youth, but it certainly heals and provides joy and strength. The source is strong and stable as long as young Lintver, the mischievous dragon, does not drink all the water.

We continued our journey but couldn't help but stop at the lookout point near the Klemenšek farm and admire the dizzy cliffs of the sharp-peaked mountains. Or maybe rest your eyes on the soft meadows of the Logar Valley deep below regardless if you are in a hurry or maybe hungry at that moment you forget everything. 

We walk on the panoramic road and come to the beautiful Church of the Holy Spirit. Here every traveler halts in their steps to take in the extensive views, overwhelmed by the beauty, and once more finds themselves in love with this world.

We visit the Strevc tourist farm which is located along with the Church of the Holy Spirit beneath the Potočka zijavka at the foot of Mt. Olševa at an elevation of 1,235 m. The inhabitants of the farm, each of them an expert on herbs and mushrooms, never continues to amaze with their home-cooked delicacies, regardless of the season. That is the reason why we have lunch here.

An hour’s walk away is the Potočka zijavka archaeological site. The farm is also the perfect starting point for trips to Mt. Olševa, Mt. Raduha, Mt. Peca as well as other summits of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

We walk on and reach the Rogar tourist farm which is located at the foot of Olševa (1,250 m) and is the highest tourist farm providing accommodation to visitors in Slovenia. Nestled amidst forests and pastures, in sunny weather the Rogar farm offers beautiful vistas of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, particularly Mt. Raduha and Mt. Olševa. The area is truly wondrous as it is located within the Natura 2000 conservation area, characterized by wild animals and indigenous plants, nowadays considered rare or even endangered.

If we get tired along the way, there is always a driver that we can call and he drives us a part of the way.

The path leads us then to Ramšak organic tourist farm located along the Solčava Panoramic Road at a sunny plain at the foot of Olševa, 1.3km from the Solčava village.

The Solčava is our finish line and from here the path goes more or less downhill.

The photographer gives us some final tips on how to improve our photo skills.

We finally arrive in Solčava, an ancient mountain village where bold landlords inhabiting alpine farms would turn to Mary of Solčava, a Gothic statue from the mid-13th century –with their prayers in the Romanesque Church of St. Mary of the Snows.

Solčava is a small alpine village nestled in the narrow and deep upper region of the Savinja Valley, protected by the towering Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanks. The village is simultaneously the beginning and endpoint of the Solčava Panoramic Road.

From here we return to our hotel with a transfer with a lot of beautiful photos and many scenic vistas in our memory.

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Photo credits: Darinka Mladenovič, Jošt Gantar



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  • homemade food
  • photography workshop
  • one of the most beautiful panoramic roads in Slovenia
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