The fun barge on the river Drava

Accompanied by the old  accordion, we sing some folk songs together, see a master in wood carving and an unforgettable experience on the Drava River begins. Friendly maidens, you are  treated with Carinthian rye bread and salt and homemade brandy, and with a rafting humorist you will learn in a fun way how rafters used to be, and will also entertain many interesting flora flora. The time is right for the floss baptism, in which the flossers accept the newly minted flossar in their guild. He has to prove that he is mature enough to become a true flossar. The parish priest of Flosar cleanses him of all sins and accepts him in the plant of the plant. The baptism is followed by a party with floral fliers and musicians. Embracing nature, navigating the most beautiful part of the river, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Accepted: closed groups, individual applications are also possible. The rafting with the program lasts 2 hours. The rafting season runs from April to the end of October.


CULINARY EXPERIENCE   This is a special Carinthian dinner on a raft. While we ensure safe, pleasant and peaceful navigation, guests enjoy an idyllic riverfront setting with culinary delights and pleasant music from Carinthian authors. Through the narrative, they learn about how rafters used to be and what life rafters used to be like. They enjoy a Carinthian meal consisting of Carinthian flakes with cabbage and pork fish, nuts with walnuts and turkey strips of cheese from three valleys and buckwheat porridge with roasted soup and smoked meat. Accepted: closed groups, possible individual applications. The rafting with the program lasts 2 hours.

FOR THE KIDS Following carefully prepared flossary instructions, we form groups and determine the main flossar. Through various skills and fun tests, we will test how skillful and “brilliant” young florists are. A raft ride and a fairy tale about the Drava After the skill test, head to the rafting paradise. With an interesting and informative story about life in the Drava Valley, you once get to know the history of rafting activities on the Drava River. For a pleasant raft ride, try paddling and get to know the authentic Carinthian dialect and some pearls from the treasure trove of flossary jargon. The green man becomes a flosar The children have passed all the flosar trials and it is time to baptize and welcome the greens to the flosar guild. Before that, however, you have to prove once again that you are mature and "brilliant" enough for the title and rafting title. The program is tailored to the age group 7-14 years. It is an instructive rafting experience with play and fun. The program takes place in the rafting harbor and rafting. The program lasts 60 minutes.

THE LITTLE BARGE   It is a unique experience that connects rafting as the cultural and technical heritage of our places and offers a relaxing holiday in unspoiled nature with the impression of intimacy in one experience. It includes a guided raft ride along the Drava River and then back upstream to the point of entry. The basic 1.5 hour program can be extended up to 4 hours and include a personalized experience option. Rafting can be upgraded by: Supper at sunset The table turns to be a culinary story, which we transferred from the Carinthian House to the idyllic ambience of the Drava River. They have selected regional and house delicacies cooked by our grandmothers. The recipes are carefully selected, as are the raw materials that are mostly produced in the home environment and on eco farms. Picnic on a raft Have a picnic in your own direction while driving on Hlodovec. You will also receive all grilled baking utensils. The baking supplies, accessories and plates are purchased by the customer himself. If the contractor purchases food and other goods, additional payment is by agreement. Basket of Carinthian delicacies While driving, you can refresh yourself with a local steak from a local grower. The basket contains a variety of meat products, several types of spreads, and homemade bread from a bread oven. The log can accommodate up to 12 people. Dates are at 4pm or 6pm (day by appointment).

TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM It is aimed at closed groups who want to have a memorable day with their team. The programs are based on experiential learning in the areas of team building, personal skills development and motivation. The program is carried out in the raft harbor and on the raft ride. We distribute the rafters to participants, dress in rafters and receive instructions. During the voyage, a program takes place where all participants actively participate. The entire implementation is followed by an evaluation of the whole event. The programs are professionally prepared and managed by an experienced mentor in the field of personal and team development. The program is implemented by Matjaz Ahac univ. B.Sc., specialist in the development of workshop management, training and coaching skills. Maximum number of participants: 20. The program lasts 5-6 hours. The program includes: reception of rafters in rafting harbor, presentation of rafting activity rafting conducting an experiential workshop according to the program rafters and soft drinks evaluation of the whole event

ACTIVE TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM It is intended for closed groups who want to have a fun and sporty day. In the rafting harbor, participants are equipped (rafting covers) and put on a large rafting test. The event is intertwined with rafting games and rafting experiences. The program lasts 5 hours. The program includes: reception of rafters in the rafting harbor, presentation of rafting activities and demonstration of wood sealing rafting with animation program, rafting baptism and rafting on a spoon (2h) performing fun rafting games (wood carving, rafting, walking skills, rope drawing) granting of flosar “certificates”

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