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The highest peak of Peca is the Kordeževa glava (2126 m), which is the easternmost two-thousandth in Slovenia and offers a magnificent 360-degree view. This starting point is the lower station of the gondola, on the Austrian side, known especially in winter, when hordes and hordes of ski enthusiasts ride to the top of the ski slope. It will take you to an altitude of 1680 m where you will exit.   RESEARCH IS STARTING NOW WITH OUR DIFFERENT PACKAGES: Cycling package: Cycling ski Cross-country skiing over the wood and stubble on Peja. 4 hours of adrenaline-pumping fun on a mountain bike descent along Europe's longest "flow country trail". You will overcome 1000 meters of height - up with a gondola, down with a bike. An adventure when you say: EVERYTHING! When you spend all the energy on the route, you go for a good lunch in one of the huts on Peja. Compulsory sportswear and footwear. Possibility of renting bicycles or hiring a cycling instructor.

PRICE PER PERSON : Adults: € 47 The price includes: daily ticket for the bike park, lunch at the cottage. ONLY TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED!  

Hiking Package: Walking along the Peja   Along the slopes of Pece you can discover step by step the secrets of the forests and the loud silence of the mountain and ingest all the greenery of the slopes and meadows. You will choose the right hiking tour on your own, of course, based on your wishes and abilities, and our experience is a guarantee that you will enjoy immensely wherever you go! From the Austrian side we take you to the top by a cable car and you can walk along the slope and after a few steps to cross the border into Slovenia and back again. The border runs along the ridge of Peca. There will also be time for lunch on the mountain. You will be pleasantly tired to enjoy local specialties in one of the huts (hütte)!

PRICE PER PERSON : Return ticket for the gondola (hill / valley): 29 € One way gondola ticket (hill): 24 € The price includes: lunch at the cottage, return or one way transportation by cable car (cable car). ONLY GONDOLE (CABIN RIDE) CAN BE PURCHASED!

Underground Package: By bike through the Underground   An underground adventure for cycling enthusiasts. Driving through abandoned mine shafts, mostly flat terrain. You are accompanied by a guide who tells many interesting stories along the way. If necessary, they also lend you bicycle equipment (extra charge). Organized transportation back and forth (price on request). The age limit is 10 years. Possible bike rental (10 € / bike). Constant temperature in the mine 10 degrees.

PRICE PER PERSON Adults: € 44.50 The price includes: cycling through the trench, lunch at a nearby pub. ONLY TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED!

Water package: Canoeing on the underground An unforgettable adventure in the Pec underground. Take the mine train into the tunnel to the starting point for the canoe ride. They equip you with a suitable protective suit and you already paddle and sail along the calm surface of the crystal clear groundwater. Organized transportation back and forth (price on request). Minimum size is 150cm. In a group, max. 8 persons. The age limit is 10 years. Constant temperature in the mine 10 degrees.

PRICE PER PERSON Adults: 51 € The price includes: canoeing on the underground, lunch at a nearby inn.


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Price: 24,00 €

Minimum persons required: 2

Price includes:

Activity and lunch.



24,00 €

Cycling skiing

Walking around

Peca cycling through the underground 

with a canoe through the underground

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