Tourist Farm Ploder

They are a house with a tradition, since the first in the Šentantel farm tourism were started.

They are known for their Carinthian delicacies, especially for their >quoule noodles<.

They have well-appointed rooms, a winter garden, a seminar room and a tidy children's playground.

The farm is an excellent base for excursions, hiking, biking and in winter for skiing in Peca and surroundings.

You will be amazed by the peace, quiet, clean air and many Carinthian delicacies produced on your own farm.

In 2011, they were awarded the 1st place of the Tourist Association of Slovenia in the tourist farm category - three apples.



All lodging rooms are rustic-style.

They have a bathroom (shower, toilets) and a balcony, some with an entrance hall.

The rooms are double and have 20 beds. They offer bed and breakfast, half board and full board.

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Poudarjena vsebina 1 Vsebina 2 Vsebina 3
Poudarjena vsebina 1 Vsebina 2 Vsebina 3
Poudarjena vsebina 1 Vsebina 2 Vsebina 3



  • domestic feeling
  • good food
  • genuine Carinthia
  • accomodations
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