Tourist Farm Samec


The farm is located on a small hill village at an altitude of 700 m and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding hills. Housekeeper Cvetka and Master Franček will be waiting for you.

The inherited farm was restored in 1983. The farm owner bears the name Master Franček, the master because he first made a home for his family as a self-taught man, later started renovating an old granary in a holiday cottage, erected a Nest tree house, built a unique sauna, erected a unique sauna. a cute mini barn to play. Every detail on the farm is brought to life by his hands. For each planned construction, the initial plan was drawn on a piece of already drawn sheet. She always acts on feeling, keeps on her path and draws from nature and tradition, which gives all this amazing results. However, you will surely be most remembered by Mister Cvetko, who is a warm, sincere and kind soul, always smiling, hospitable and will serve you what you want. That is why many are returning, they simply can no longer do without Samchev and Carinthia.

They offer a modernly equipped Jespa apartment for 4 people.
Take a stroll down the hall with a collection of old farm tools and other kitchen utensils. The apartment offers you a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen with a dining area, a spacious living room with a sofa bed and a balcony. The apartment has a luxurious sauna with kibbutzing herbs.


Would you spend the night with a loved one in a tree house? For a reawakened romance, they offer you a comfortable nest, which, despite its limited spaciousness, offers exactly the convenience of a small apartment. Experience true romance by the fireplace and enjoy the magic of the tree canopy, far from the stress and noise of everyday life. Next to the lodge is the Viking Pool attraction, which offers relaxation in hot water.


The granary is one of the few that has survived. In the past, people used to store cereals, dried fruits and nuts in these wooden houses, and some pieces of dried meat or sausage were hung under the ceiling for a treat.

Today the granary offers a holiday home that has been converted into an apartment for 2 to 6 people. Apartment Kašta has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a spacious living room with two balconies and a sauna for relaxation. The size of the apartment guarantees the comfort and quality you just want. The granary is visited by guests from all over the world for experience and relaxation.

More about this offer

Price: 50,00 €

Price includes:

Jespa: linen, towels, kitchen towels, cleaner, toilet paper, hairdryer, internet, 2 hour sauna use, fragrant sauna oils and final cleaning.

Nest: Bedding, towels, kitchen towels, cleaner, internet, hairdryer, toilet paper and final cleaning.

Granary: linens, towels, kitchen towels, cleaner, toilet paper, hairdryer, internet, sauna, fragrant oils for sauna and final cleaning.

Mandatory extras:

Tourist tax EUR 1.15 per night per person

Additional informations


50 EUR / night for one or two people

57 EUR / night for three persons

64 EUR / night for four persons

71 EUR / night for five persons €

78 / night for six people




50 EUR / night for one or two people

>FOR ONE NIGHT 60 EUR / night for one or two people

CASTLE PRICES 57 EUR / night for one or two people

64 EUR / night for three persons

71 EUR / night for four persons

78 EUR / night for five persons

85 EUR / night for six persons


50,00 €

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