A round trip in the Land of Spas

Welcome to Pomurje!

You wake in the middle of the Pannonian plain at a beautiful spa hotel and today we will be taking a nice hike through this garden of Slovenia as it is also called. Maybe we will see some storks on the way, for what the region is known for.

We start walking from the hotel to Rakičan. We marvel at the old castle in Rakičan.

As we go further we encounter a lake, which was made artificially, and on the shore, they put the cubicles which served as the exhibition places for the Expo Fair in Milan a few years ago.  Now the cubicles are used as a meeting place, a modern interactive museum about the Pomurje region, and as a workplace for start-up companies.

We enter the incredible architectural feat that reveals the entire Pomurje region in an inventive and innovative way. We will experience the interactive museum through an innovative and technologically astonishing experience of the world by the River Mura we will reveal our essence – our tradition, our nature, our present, and our dreams.

Then we walk on towards a very special lunch. We come to the Rajh restaurant where four generations of the Rajh family have been wishing you "Bon appétit!" every time they have served you a delicious meal.

The owners Tanja and Damir decided to preserve tradition by giving a modern twist to it. Although they have preserved the traditional dishes from the Prekmurje region, they slightly reformulated the recipes in order to give them a lighter, deliciously fresh taste.

Local producers of foodstuffs and food products present the backbone of each of our traditional or revamped Prekmurje dishes. Each ingredient on your plate has a name, origin, heritage, and a story behind it. Authentic cuisine and a welcoming, relaxed, and homely atmosphere are the hallmarks of their restaurant.  We have a delicious meal here of course in the company of regional wines.

After a filling lunch, we go to the capital of the region, Murska Sobota. There we see the marvelous castle in which a museum is held now.

The last stop on our culinary walking tour through Pomurje is šunkarna Kodila.

"When you know what you are eating!" Make sure of the slogan that has been leading the production of Prekmurje and Goričko ham for three generations.

We will see the ham factory with professional guidance and take a walk among the ham ripeners, which are close to natural conditions. On the renovated farm, where there is a ham factory, you will witness the tradition of Prekmurje homesteads under thatched roofs and clay plasters. There is also a restaurant with a pleasant terrace, where we will taste ham and traditionally cured meat products.

After this amazing experience, we walk back to the hotel, whit happy grins on our faces.



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Photo credits: Mitja Kobal, Jošt Gantar, Andrej Tarfila



  • beautiful castles and architecture
  • culinary delicacies
  • relaxing stroll in the Pannonian fields

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