A stroll through the wine country

Welcome to Slovenia!

The transfer brings you to the first visiting point. Where we start our culinary walking tour in Austria, the neighboring country. Here is the beautiful town of Bad Radkersburg, which has a Slovenian counterpart named Gornja Radgona. Although Gornja Radgona is known especially for her wines, here over the border a young entrepreneur had a vision of the perfect beer.

And this is how Bevog was born, out of love for the cold beverage. We go on an organized tour of the brewery where after the 45-minute tour you will get some free samples of whatever beers we have on tap in our taproom.

After 8 years of existence, they developed three different lines of beer. Year Round, Who Cares Line and Paperbag Series. Their beers are something else and their quality has been confirmed by the received awards and prizes, and above all by the many super pleased drinkers of their beer.

Then we walk on through the plains and vineyards, where the production of white wines is prominent.

We meet the Firbas family at their homestead, which is the best-kept secret in the Northeast Slovenija.

We can’t recommend highly enough staying at Domačija Firbas. It’s a wonderful place, where you can interact with nature, animals, and the lovely family that runs it all.

Mother Marjana has green fingers, which can be seen at first sight of the farmhouse’s blossoming flowers.

But green fingers are by far not the only excellence of Marjana. She is also a great cook (she got it from her grandma), which is why foodies love staying with them. For her culinary specialties, Marjana has been credited with numerous awards. And this we will experience first hand since we will have lunch there.

After that hardy meal, we have enough energy for the last part of our journey which takes us to an oil mill.  On the way, we enjoy the beautiful meadows and streams as we walk through the small green hills.

The Kocbek oil Mill is something special. The knowledge of how to press quality oil has been passed on and nurtured through generations, and today the responsibility of the family lies with  Gorazd Kocbek.

To be able to offer you pumpkin seed oil, which is uncompromising of the highest quality, they thank the natural resources of their environment. The location in the Prlekija region, Slovenia has the best climatic conditions and soil in the world here grow the best pumpkins that give us the best pumpkin seeds, and therefore they can produce the best pumpkin seed oil.

They do not use rapid or high heating in the oil production process, they do not look for shortcuts and they do not add dyes, thickeners, or preservatives.

With the oldest tradition, knowledge, and experience they offer all customers the highest quality and unique unrefined oils.

And here is also the end of our tour we drive with the transfer back to the hotel.


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Photo credits: Tomo Jeseničnik, Jošt Gantar, Urša Culiberg, Andrej Tarfila.



  • visiting a brewery
  • lunch at one of the most charming homesteads
  • tasting pumpkin seed oil 

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